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Information Technology Services

Tano Services involvement in water system development encompasses a full range of services from field level through final design and construction phase services. Projects have involved groundwater supply, surface water supply, arsenic blending systems, pipeline systems and automated metering systems.

Pojoaque recently completed a project at Edwards AFB using Direct Digital Controls to reduce Arsenic levels in the base water supply. Working with the Edwards AFB Civil Engineering Squadron, Pojoaque helped in the design of a system to accurately mix a municipal water supply with the Edwards AFB ground water supply to lower the levels of Arsenic delivered to its customers.

Also at Edwards AFB, Pojoaque Pueblo Services completed a renovation of the main water pumping plant. Along with replacing all of the control valves, motors and motor starters (with Variable Frequency Drives), we also provided a Direct Digital Control System that integrated the well field with the booster station and storage tanks.

Realizing that flow rates must be controlled at times to meet operational and system capacity needs, Pojoaque has incorporated variable or adjustable speed pumping schemes into its projects. The most common scheme used today is using variable frequency drives (VFDs) with VFD-rated induction motors, to efficiently and concisely control pumping flow rates to match influent and effluent variations. A station or system-wide telemetry system is used to monitor and control this process.

Pojoaque Pueblo Services recognizes the importance of maintaining uninterrupted service to pump station facilities, especially during extended power outages. We have experience incorporating standby, diesel-fueled, engine generators and transfer switches into remote pump station electrical systems.
Whether using in-line booster pumps or conventional pump stations drafting from wet wells or storage tanks, we have the experience to deliver a quality project from start to finish.

Pojoaque Pueblo Services is very familiar with the various construction methods including conventional open cut and cover, bore and jack, and trenchless technology. With extensive experience in the evaluation and selection of pipeline materials for water and sewage distribution, we are aware that the proper selection of materials and proper design of distribution systems is necessary to preserve the treated water quality all the way from the treatment plant to the customer’s tap.