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Tano Services has formed strategic alliances with various subcontractors to provide the highest quality airfield work to our valued customers.

Our work at Little Rock AFB included taxiway design, paving, lighting, signage, and drainage construction.At Edwards AFB, we have maintained the runway and taxiway lighting automation system for the past 5 years. Our alliances include air field paving companies, high voltage electric, airfield lighting and air field engineering firms. We believe that with our alliance partners, we can handle any airfield project which you may have.

Airfield projects usually involve complicated schedules – to accommodate active missions, other construction projects, and unique operational requirements of each base. Together with our experienced alliance partners we can get the job done on time, taking advantage of local subcontractors and material providers, monitoring construction contractors, and scheduling to absolutely minimize impact on other critical airfield activities.

We can address airfield environmental issues, lighting, signage, drainage, security, NAVAIDS – they’re all part of our capabilities to provide you with the solutions you need and require. From the runway to the taxiway to the parking ramp – from rubber removal to crash-rated security gates, we’re ready to take on.e on your project.